Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Train Stations

Fotogafer: Dita Wulandari P.L
School: SMA Negeri 19 Medan (XII-IS1)

This building is expected in 1891. This station was built for the continuity transportation of the results of estates that will be sent to Belawan. exterior and interior of this building was still impressed as the existing buildings in the Netherlands, it's just that there are few additions to the building, such as window and floor. but the additions did not change the shape of this building.

Masjid Al-Osmani

The result of the prospective photographer snap a simple, humble and not arrogant, her name is Dita P. Wulandari Lestari. Student from very famous class... famous noisy ... XII-IS.

This mosque was built in 1854 at Osman Sultan Perkasa Alam era. This mosque was originally built with wooden materials of choice. then permanent building of this mosque by Sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam in the year 1870-1872. And renovated by Deli Maatchappij 1972. because the mosque suffered some damage, then in 1963-1964 the mosque was return renovated  by T. Burhanuddin as president of Tobacco Deli-II. but, not long after it should have renovation mosque in 1977. and funds for mosque reovation come from the help of the President of Indonesia on the Mayor KDH Tk II Madya Medan, HMSaleh Arifin. And the last refurbishment on the initiative of Mayor H. Bachtiar Djafar Tk II Madya Medan